Guys, I’m so totally and completely thrilled that Highlights High Five magazine — the kind I read as a child (!) — has published two of my stories.

“Who Keeps Waking Me?” is published in the April 2021 issue. It’s based on a silly game my husband used to play with our kids when they were very little. His father used to play it with him, so I think it’s become a family tradition! Love the artwork by the talented Marta Alvarez.

“Feliz Navidad” is published in the December 2019 issue. What’s so special about this story is that it’s about a little girl, Mia, who lives in the Southwest United States, where it’s warm in the winter. That doesn’t stop her from celebrating the holidays in her own special way! Check out the beautiful illustrations from Natali Sejuro Aliaga.

You can find Highlights High Five at your local booksellers. Or you can find it here.