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Nicole is a published author of more than twenty children’s picture books and early readers and an award-winning health writer and editor. As a young child, she knew she would become a writer, constantly penning stories and being encouraged by her supportive grandmother, an artist who saw her early talent.

In writing her debut young adult/new adult fiction novel Catwalk, Nicole knew she had something important to say. The book, inspired by the author’s own experiences living and working in New York City as a model, chronicles the pinnacles and perils of the gritty and glamorous fashion model world through the eyes of its eighteen-year-old protagonist, Catherine Watson. Nicole felt compelled to write about the inner workings of a world that our society seems to glorify, and yet which can have a soul-sucking underbelly.

Nicole believes that all good stories still follow the tried-and-true formula we all learned in English class: exposition, rising action, conflict, and resolution, with dynamic characters who are relatable. She hopes that her young readers who are interested in modeling perceive her story as a cautionary tale, not to discourage them but to highlight the importance of doing your own research, aligning yourself with reputable professionals rather than unscrupulous ones–and the wisdom to know the difference. She believes that all readers will enjoy her book’s theme of self-discovery and coming of age, about following your heart and your own internal moral compass.

When she isn’t writing thought-provoking young adult books and educational stories for children, Nicole enjoys spending time with her family, talking to her girlfriends, and singing. As a trained soprano, she grew up singing in choirs (and was once invited to perform at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.) and earned a voice scholarship in college. An interesting tidbit is that Nicole once sang Porgy & Bess’s “Summertime” at an ice cream social with the piano accompaniment of former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft. But when stage fright tabled her ambitions of singing professionally, Nicole turned her creative focus to writing.

An English/journalism major at Rutgers, Nicole chose to end her modeling at the age of 22 and began her career in journalism, working in broadcasting for the local CBS news stations in Philadelphia and New York City until she turned to writing and editing for trade magazines specializing in health and children’s wellness. For more than a decade she has been a senior editor at the award-winning, the Web’s most-visited website for children’s health, and a health coach.

Nicole’s choice to become a health coach was inspired by her wish to help people manage their health conditions and crises, especially those who experienced similar grief: Nicole tragically lost her baby daughter at twenty weeks. Her insight informs her health writings and blog posts and also helps clinicians at the local hospital where she volunteers to help families cope with loss.

Nicole lives in Delaware with her husband, three young children, and their Goldendoodle named Ginger.

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