YA Novel


Catwalk by Nicole Gabor“Nice girls get nowhere in fashion.”

That’s what 18-year-old aspiring model Catherine Watson is told her first day on the job. The problem? Catherine is a nice girl. Too nice. After all, no one expected her to disobey her parents and opt out of her ivy-league education, shrug off her charming almost-boyfriend Benji, and head for New York City to make it on the catwalk.

But now — to no one’s surprise but Catherine’s — the tall, willowy waif is turning heads at New York Fashion Week, landing on the covers of fashion magazines, and going viral in a big way. Her latest fashion accessory? A hottie who’s cute enough to front a boy band.

But as cover girl “Cat” continues down this path, she thinks she’s made a wrong turn. Things aren’t always what they seem on the catwalk. Sooner or later, she’ll need to take a big step: one that could change her life, her career — and quite possibly the  fashion industry — forever.

Catherine’s got to decide: Is she naughty or is she nice?

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